Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Christmas on Riverside

I woke up and snuck into my living room. I had a little peek under our tree to see what we were getting for Christmas. It was really big so I crept back down my hallway and jumped back into bed, i could not sleep! I heard my brother wake up, so i jumped back out of bed and woke my mum and dad up with a big “Merry Christmas” and a kiss & a big hug.  My mum got up but my dad could see the living room from his side of the bed, so he stayed in bed. My mum said “open your gifts” so I quickly opened it and it was a casio keyboard. I said “thank you mum and dad” I opened it and went hard trying to play any tune i could think of.  I loved it.

My mum showed me a lot of songs that were really easy, so I gave them a go. I watched my brother open his gift, he got a guitar. I went and asked my dad if I could have some game time, he said yes, so I quickly pulled out my Xbox one. My favourite game at the moment is Nba 2k15.  It's a really cool game, because you can dunk and shoot from far away.  My favourite player is Michael Jordan, he has MEAN skills. I set my game up and played, I was really  happy. We waited for the game to load so I played the demo. My Nana and pa came over with my aunty.  My Aunty Adah gave me perfume and my Nana and pa gave me $100.

I went to my cousin Julius and Eli’s house to drop their presents off and to say Merry Christmas. Me and Michael got a guitar hero for Xbox one from our Aunty Lizzys family.  I was so surprised and happy at the same time. I got my cousin Julius a pair of shoes and got my cousin Eli a t shirt.  They loved our gifts. we said our goodbyes and headed back to my house.  My cousin John was there waiting for us.  We had a delicious Family bbq with my Nana, Pa & Aunty Adah.  The food was delicious, I especially liked the corn & the trifle.  We also have a Tongan watermelon drink called Otai, that was one of my favourites too.  I was so full! Thanks for reading my story, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well.  

Thursday, 10 December 2015


Hi my name is Simon Latu Taylor. I am in Room 9 & 10 at Pt England School. I am Half Tongan and quarter Fijian. My teacher is Mr Baxendine. I am 10 years old. I am applying for the Pt England School Ambassadors 2016. I would love to be an Ambassador because I am a really good speaker. I can be kind to visitors and have a Positive Attitude. My favourite subject is Reading because it helps me learn new words i don’t know. I am really good at remembering words to tell in front of other people. Learn: One thing i have learned this year was learning about animals adapting to survive in other places for our topic PES Survivors. Create: One thing i have created this year was to make a rocket made out of wood at  Maker Space with Mr Barks. Share: I have shared lots of my learning to other people using my Google Drive. I hope you enjoy reading this application. But if you do not accept me as a ambassador well thank you for reading this application. By Simon

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Simon Athletics day

On Friday the 13th we had athletics. I woke up and jumped out of my bed and put my yellow t - shirt on. Me and my brother walked out the door with our faces happy. When we got to school I ran inside the classroom and saw our teacher Mr bax all covered in yellow!. He cut little strips of yellow paper I quickly took it. I tied it around my head and put tape on my cheeks. I took of my school t shirt and put it in my bag. I had my yellow t shirt on. I ran around the classroom looking for my friends and  people with the best  t shirts.

I went with my other teacher Ms M. We lined up at the door and went to the court. We all sat down on the burning court and listened to Mr Burt on the microphone. He was talking about being safe and having fun we started the fun. We walked down to the bottom field to start our first activity. We did relays!. I was leader for my team so I had to run twice!. Ms M said GO. I quickly sprinted to the cone in front of me I gave the pole to the next person. I was tired. They gave the pole to me again I ran and gave it to the person at my cone I gave it and sat down. The person that was in front of me must of felt scared. After all of that we walked over to the shot put stand we lined up. I was 4th. after that it was my turn I threw the shot put and came 1st!. My friend Javan beat me so I was 2nd I was feeling scared and worried that someone will beat me so I will have to go down to third and someone will beat me again and I will be out. I had my fingers crossed and hoping that no one will beat me. but no one did
I was so happy and surprised because I'm only little and I beat big guys
After that we went high jump. Oh I was prepared I stood at the right cone I was 2nd. I was nervous at start but not at the end.

It was my turn I sprinted fast and jumped as high as I could I closed my eyes I did not see anything. I turned my head and looked at the pole It was still up I heard people cheering and people saying my name. I went and stood at the front cone I was smiling and  because I have made it into the second round. I watched a lot of people failing and a lot of people making it over. It was the left leg people a lot made it over. We had our turns again I failed but it was alright.

Yellow Is the best because we win every year and we are all fast. so going yellow.  


Thursday, 5 November 2015

Egg race

Have you ever had an egg friend because on Wednesday the 21st of October 2015 our teacher Mr bax gave us a raw slimy egg to have as a friend. We saw our teacher’s egg it looked funny our teacher’s egg was called Jeff. He told us to be very careful with our eggs.

Mr bax gave out the eggs and the vivid. We had to wait. I got my egg so I had to wait for the vivid. While I was talking to Noah My friend John Turned around and hit me and I dropped my egg on the carpet everyone looked and they were shocked. We went and told Mr bax. Mr bax got some rags and we cleaned the mat. I got another egg. I made a beard and some eyes on mine.

We all finished drawing faces on our egg friends we ran outside and lined up in the line. We did not know what we were doing until our teacher took us to the park. He told us to sit on the plank of wood. We sat down and got nervios. Mr bax said we're having an egg race We all said no. Because we wanted to keep our egg friend.

The people who wanted to race had to get a spoon and Go!. We just sat down and watched the race. The people had to go over 4 things before going to the finish line. My friend kaden came first his egg did not drop. It was time for the next group. Me and Noah lined up together Mr bax said go all I could hear was cheering and eggs cracking. I went over the first thing and I was on my way to my second. I reached the second and stood over it. the the 3 one was a little hard Because I had to jump I jumped but my egg did not break. I made it to the end with my egg still alive.  


Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Train story

                                On Wednesday i went on a train ride to china. When I looked out the window and I saw the end of the train and it was falling off the rail. I ran around the trail looking for a parachute. I found one so I jumped out the window And pulled my parachute and i was safe.  

Thursday, 15 October 2015

My Holiday.

In my amazing holiday me my brother and my awesome mum and dad went to pick up my cousins from out west on Tuesday. It was a cool drive. We saw trees animals and also houses. Finally we got there I jumped out of the car and raced to the front door I   knocked loudly. We went to there house because we wanted to go special places with them like mission bay and other places like that.

They opened the door and said hello with excitement. The had all of their things in there hands. They ran to the car and put everything in the boot we all said by and left. We arrived at our house and went inside and watched a little bit of TV. After all of that we went to get dinner we got fish and chips. And ate it at mission bay.

We got out of the car and zoomed to there awesome part they had. We were playing like animals. It was Fun. My mum shouted dinner time.!  We had a race and who ever gets to the table first is a winner. You now I'm just fast so I already won. We sat down at the table and said our prayer before we ate. We finished saying our prayer so we ATE. I had a hamburger and 2 sausages. My brother and my cousins went to the beach to play.

I was still at the table eating my food. With my mum and dad. I finished and I went  down to the beach and we were playing skims with rocks and shells. After all of that we ran down to the park we played at the park for a little while before we went home. My brother was getting bored so we went home. We jumped into our pyjamas and jumped into bed. We watched stand by me I don't think you have seen it but it is cool. I fell to sleep straight away and had no dreams. The next day we got ready to take my cousin's home.   

I liked going out places with my cousins because its fun.




Thursday, 17 September 2015

Bull chase.

One day a man went for a walk. He walked past the Zoo. At the Zoo there was a wild bull that came out of nowhere. He was wearing a red t-shirt. The bull started to chase him. He took off his t-shirt and jandals and ran to the beach. The bull followed him to the beach. The man went to the water and was swimming away. The End. By Mitchell and Simon.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Simon's Writing

On Monday the 7th of September we had our school cross country. We were getting ready for this event so we lined up in our class lines. We were all changed and ready to go. We started to walk to the pt England fields at 1:00. We sat down in our year lines. I was in the year 5 boys line. After 5 Min we all talked about never giving up and the rules.

The year 5 boys and the year 5 girls went and sat in front of the year 1&2 class rooms to get a better view. The year 1 boys walked up to the starting line I could tell they were scared. Mr Burt said GO they all sprinted so fast even I could not believe it. All the cheering  started to kick in it was so loud I was cheering for anyone because none of my friends our family where in that race. they hit the first corner they were still running fast.

We saw them running to the finish line only 5 more steeps until they're finished and 1st place was I kid I don't know they went up to the water stand to get some water. I was feeling so nervous after that race. So the racing carried on. It was the year 4 boys now they were walking up the the starting line everyone was cheering Mr Burt said Go they quickly took off and ran as fast as they could.

They hit the first corner and off they go that's when I was feeling so nervous they were running for a long time.  A teacher came to take us to the starting line I was so nervous.  The year 4 boys finished and now it was our turn me and Noah were standing together at the start. Mr Burt said go my nerves ran away.

I was trying my hardest we turned and there was a pile of mud I almost slipped and that's what slowed me down. We hit the first corner and Noah's brother was standing there dancing and telling us to go this way. I could taste blood in my mouth it was yuck. We were running on the pt England reserve I felt like dieing I was running with Ajani it was a little fun. We ran to the pt England gate and I saw Noah way way way in front of me.  

I ran to the finish line and I made it I was happy I went and got some water and the races carried on. I was walking back and I could not feel my feet. It hurt bad.! I sat down with My friends and we were talking about the race and the place we came. The year 7 boys were about to start their race I was cheering for my brother Michael. Mr Burt said Go they quickly took off fast. The sad thing about that race is that they have to do 2 laps.

They quickly ran past the students and hit the first corner. they all steeped in the pile of mud and almost slipped.!  We were waiting for them to come back. We were talking about random stuff. They all finished the first lap and now they're on there second. While we were talking first place ran up to the finish line and won. Sorry guys but that's all that I can tell you to day goodbye!.



Thursday, 20 August 2015

What is Biosecurity?

Trade Fair

Hello my name is Simon and I'm going to tell you about the trade fair we had on Friday. Our new topic is trade and enterprise. This term we are learning about money. The year 5 and 6s have there own money. the  names are PTs and pieces PTs are like dollars and pieces are like cents.

My partner Noah and Kyron  went to the other class room to work on our drums. We took a lot of orders. We are going to get spray cans and spray paint the drums.  We are going to put names on the drums so it can look cool.

My group Is could The rock shop we have a cool name. People were selling things  like cake and cupcakes. GOOD BY

Thursday, 23 July 2015

My holiday

In my amazing holiday I went to rainbows end. On Saturday me and my brother went for a sleepover at my Nana's house. When we got there my cousin was playing on his x box. We told him if we could play because me and Michel had 2 controllers. we played game. After that we went to bed. In the morning we had a look out side It was sunny. We jumped around and got ready for rainbows end.

We went and had our breakfast It was nice. I was  really tired so my aunty told me to go into the bathroom and splash water on your face. So I did I woke up and I brushed my teeth. we went outside and had a talk about what we were going to go on first. when we got there the entry was green and other colours to. We put on our bands and went on the pirate ship.

The pirate ship was cool it gave me and all the other people adrenaline rush. When I got of I felt like I was tiny. We were waiting for our next ride It was the roller-coaster there were 2 people in the line my aunty said get ready so we got ready. Me and my cousin went on the front cart my cousin was scared so as me. The ride started and we took a sharp turn it hurt a little. It took awhile to get to the top. Finally we got to the top and dropped I  was screaming loud so as the other people. There was a big loop coming up I did not feel it. We took a corner and went over 2 other loops so we got ready. It pushed me to my cousin's side twice It was scary. Finally it stopped.

I got of and I was surprised. After we went on the invader the line was so short. The lady told us the rules before we went on the ride. When we got on I sat on the back chair with my aunty my brother and my cousin. The ride started and it went slow but the speed was picking up.  It throw us around every. We went to the top it was so scary my face was facing the top. it spun me around everywhere. The ride stopped and we got off we went on the gold rush we went past a lot of rides. We lined up in the line the line was short so we got on first. My cousin and my brother went first me and my aunty went last.

When we got on the bars came down for us to hold on. The ride started and we shot off. We were going so fast I almost cried. The ride stopped and we went up boster thing and we went so fast it was so scary. We went down a big hill and it gave me adrenaline rush. The ride stopped and we got of the ride.          


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

My game animation.

Do you want a new game? It is called Simon 11. It is so cool you should get. It is  $100 this week. Buy it NOW and get a second game free!!!

Simon 11 is about a boy who lost his family so went looking for the people who killed his family. My other game is called Cart Cart Ride. It is so fun.  

Simon 11 is fun because there are people who are trying to kill you. You can punch and kick them. Simon has a knife in his pocket. If people come he will kill them to get points. When he jumps there are flames that come out his back.

When he can sees his family he runs to them and gives them a big huge and goes home safely. He puts his weapons in a glass box to keep them safe. On the next level it is difficult to complete because there is a big person that has a knife he throws it at you.

My second game is fun because there is a person called Rain. He likes driving but not all the time. He tried to break the world record but now it is up to you to break it!!

These games were all designed by Simon L.T. I hope you enjoy playing.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Create & Solve a Problem

With Mrs Jacobsen we have being learning to write a word problem for an equation. Here is my presentation showing my problem and how I solved it.

my play ground

Thursday, 25 June 2015

My story

My story is about a lamb who opens a locked box. One day there was a lamb who went to a party at night. He saw a golden box but he could not open it so he got some help.  His other lamb friends got a hammer and started to smash it. The lamb got his nails and poked it. It blew up and a lot of gold came out. He was rich.

When he got the gold he had a good look at it and it was fake. The real box was in the corner. He ran to it. It had a padlock on it so they could not get it open. His friends got their nails and tried to pick lock the box but they could not. the lamb got a chainsaw and cut the box but it did not work. They all went to sleep. The box opened 10:00 at night while they were sleeping. It shined so bright that they all woke up.

The lamb walked up to the box and looked inside but it quickly closed. He started to hit it but it never opened. So he and his friends went back to sleep. In the morning they got up and  got changed and did everything else. They did every thing so they tried to open the box again. they all pulled on the box but it could not open.

they all jumped on it and everyone looked at it and it was shining at them it was so cool said the lamb. And there was a lot of gold in there. THE END


Thursday, 18 June 2015

Space man.

One day there was a spaceman in space. He saw a portal so he quickly jumped into the portal. He was flying around and he did not know where he was so he started to swim. He swam for 2 hours until he saw another portal. Finally he saw another portal so again he jumped in it and it took him to another world.

He woke up in jail but he did not know why he was in jail. He got put in his old cage. he had new clothes on it smelt very bad. It was black and white. He had a small bed and a old toilet. After 5 nights he made 3 friends there names were jack Noah and Ajani. They wanted to escape.

They were planning to get out but they did not know how. The astronaut had weapons on his back so he gave them one each.Noah got a knife and pick locked the cage door. Ajani said where out. after the door opened they got guns it looked very cool.

They quickly ran down the main hallway there were guards everywhere so they started to run and kill people. Finally they got outside they ran on the cold sand at night. They were freezing. They saw a tank in front of them so they tried to run around it.

They ran around it fast they had to go under shap stuff to get to the other side. Noah went first Ajani went second and the space man went third. The space man got poked but Noah and Ajani were gone. the space man laid on the ground screaming for help but no one came. He stood up bleeding. He started to run. He started to get speed he ran so fast you could only see his shadow. He saw a portal on the hill.

He ran into the woods he fell over and cut his leg bad he got back up and started to run again. He saw someone so he ran to him. He said “hello what's your name.” Then he said “mitchell I said do you want to come with me.” He said “yes.” So we escaped.
he saw the portal and he jumped in it took him back he was floating. He jumped in his space ship with the best story.      

                                              THE END Simon



Wednesday, 17 June 2015

MY maths

My space man.

One day there was a space man he saw a portal so he jumped in he was flying around he did not know where he was so he swam. He swam for 2 hours until he saw another portal. Finally he saw a portal so he jumped in it took him to another world.

He woke up in jail but he did not know why he was in jail. He got put in his cage he had new clothes on it was black and white. He had a bed and a toilet. After 5 nights he had 3 friends he wanted to escape with his friends.

They were planning to get out but they did not know how. The astronaut had weapons so they all had guns. after the 6th night they escaped.

They ran away and jumped in the portal only the space man survived because he had oxygen but his friends died because they did not have oxygen.  

                                              THE END Simon


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

My sentences.

There was a spaceman floating in space he had a blue tube to get some oxygen      

Mrs Jacobson is a awesome teacher she lets us go on games in the mornings and lets us do some amazing stuff with the class.

Mr Barks is a very funny man he has his own room it is called Maker space it is fun in there because he teachers us stuff that I don't know.

Mr Bax is a fun teacher he lets us go on games in the mornings, and he gets everything ready for us in the morning.

We have been learning how to write creative sentences.


Monday, 8 June 2015

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Giant fell of a bean stalk.

Giant fell of a bean stalk.

Tuesday 26 may

There was a boy called jack he was poor so his mum sent him out to sell their cow at 1:00 on Sunday. A person came and said that cow looks nice I will by it but I have no money. But he said “I have these beans do you want them” Jack said” no” but he said “they are special beans” jack said I will take it.

When Jack got home his mum was angry so she threw the beans out the window. The next day Jack went outside he saw a beanstalk it was big.!! He wondered what was at the top so he started to climb. While he was climbing some vines feel so he was lucky. Finally Jack got to the top he had a look around he saw gold and a duck that laid golden eggs.

He took the duck and the gold and he looked around for some other stuff. He walked through a door  he looked at the ground and there was a giant sleeping he ran away and the giant woke up The giant said “you come here” but Jack kept running he went down the beanstalk but the giant fell and made a whole in the ground. But Jack had gold and a gold duck so they are not poor any more.   Screenshot 2015-05-27 at 10.29.34.png  


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

News report.

giant feel of a bean stalk.

There was a boy called jack he was poor so his mum sent him out to sell their cow at 1:00 on Sunday. A person came and said that cow looks nice I will by it but I have no money. But he said “I have these beans do you want them” Jack said” no” but he said “they are special beans” jack said I will take it.

When Jack got home his mum was angry so she threw the beans out the window. The next day Jack went outside he saw a bean stalk it was big.!! He wondered what was at the top so he started to climb. While he was climbing some vines feel so he was lucky. Finally Jack got to the top he had a look around he saw gold and a duck that laid golden eggs.

He took the duck and the gold and he looked around for some other stuff. He walked through a door  he looked at the ground and there was a giant sleeping he ran away and the giant woke up The giant said “you come here” but Jack kept running he went down the beanstalk but the giant fell and made a whole in the ground. But Jack had gold and a gold duck so they are not poor any more.


Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Earthquake hits Nepal.!!

On April the 25 Th there was a earthquake that hit Nepal. The earthquake was so big it destroyed homes and buildings There are people dying under walls and bricks. Other countries are trying to give money to the people in Nepal. everyone's houses are destroyed and  more than 10,000 people died. The earthquake was so big.

It happened at 11:56am. People were shocked that it hit their home country. There city was called Kathmandu  half of the city was broken. There was a baby who was trapped under a house for 22 hours.

Countries have gave Nepal 10000$. Nepal had another earthquake at 5:00  this morning may 13 is when it hit. People are scared to go back into their houses because they think another one is going to hit.
Screenshot 2015-05-13 at 10.48.33.png


Eathquake hits

Thursday, 7 May 2015

My cool game

1 the game red bull is fun because you get to jump on bad people and you get to kill masters. Red bull is about a friend who got kidnapped so he went looking for him.

2 I would share this game with my friends because it is fun and it is not rated m or 18.

3 I think this game is cool because you can jump high and you get to jump on people. This game is not bad and for people and it is fun.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Simon Holiday Highlight

In my holiday on Monday my mum looked after me and my brother . It was the start of my holiday.

I went to the Easter egg hunt, it was fun. I got a bucket it was 5$ the bucket was for the Easter eggs and the treats. It had patterns on it. We played games like throw the ball and tug a war it was amazing . My dad came with us in the Easter maze we were looking for the Easter bunny.                           

After a good sleep my mum said “do you want to go to Jump” and we said “yes!”. We made a booking for 5 o'clock so we waited. finally it was 5:00 my aunt came with us. When we got there we sat down and then everyone ran me and my brother went to the free trampoline it was amazing.

When we got home we had another good sleep. When I woke up my dad called he said “I will pick you and Michael up at 5:00” we said”OK” we were excited. It was 5:00 My dad came he said we're going to the skate park we said cool. When we got into the car my dad said” we're going to rainbows end night rides.

When we got to rainbows end the lines where long it took 1 hour to get in. Finally it was our turn my dad Payed and we got our band the bands were green.  The end

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

How to put a photo on our blog.

With Mr Baxendine and Mrs Jacobsen we have been learning to upload a photo to our drive. Here is a video of Mitchell and his group showing you how to do this.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


On a hot sunny day I jumped out of bed and went and got changed. I got my stuff ready. I went into the car and waited for my mum and my brother. when I got to school all I could see was year 5 and 6s. the camp was at  pt England and the camp was for the year 5 and 6s. I was so excited.!!!

First we sat under the marki and got into our lines. I was in the best group.  
My camp buddy was Lehi. we had a cool as tent we had a front spot. It
looked so amazing.

Our first game was table tennis roller blades and other cool stuff. We were playing basket ball I did not get any baskets. IT WAS SO HARD. The net was blue and white and the ball was blue to.
We went under the marki and had morning tea me and my friends sat in a circle eating. After me and Noah went and played hand ball. We were playing  and all we could hear was the bell everyone was running to the marki to wait for their next game. Everyone was excited.

our next game was killer zone we went and sat down because mr J had to expand the rules. He said get a container filled with water balloons .!!
We had 30 minutes to go and get them filled with water. Some popped inside of the container. First we threw the water balloons at people. and that was the end of my story by.!!!
Screenshot 2015-03-19 at 10.06.56.png

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My best birthday

So we walked to the car we were going home. When  we got home my Nana said it looks amazing my mum went to the shops to get the cups it was pirate cups and it looked awesome. It was night so I opened some gifts they were so cool after I went and waked my pinyata and all the My best birthday was when I was 5 years old. My birthday was a pirate birthday it was so fun. My Mum and dad and brother was there and my Nana.

I did a lot of things we went shopping for stuff I got toys and a cake the cake was chocolate. We got something to eat we had bk it was really nice. Me and my mum and my dad we went in a chocolate shop.

My dad he went to the bank to get some money out so me and my brother sat down and was playing with the pencil. My mum said if I want a pirate hat  and I said Yes my went and got me a hat. my dad candy came out it was nice.

It was time for the cake it looked so nice it was chocolate my favorite flavor. We sang happy birthday to me and then I blew out my candles and that was the end of my birthday.   


Thursday, 19 February 2015


Wits is when you do good things like if someone punches you can walk away.
When someone keeps on taping you you can ignore them. If they keep on punching you and taping you you can talk about it or seek help.

W stands for walk away so if someone kicks you you can walk away. Or if someone punches you you can walk away.Or if someone tries to back hand you you can walk away.

I stands for ignore it so if someone keeps on taping you you can ignore it. If someone says your name 10 times on the mat you can ignore it. Our if someone pushes you you can use your wits and ignore it.

T stands for talk about it so if someone swears at you can talk about it and say can you stop it. If someone kicks you you can talk about it or if someone taps you you can talk about  it.

S stands for seek help seek help means if people is not using their wits you can look for a friend or look for a teacher. If someone is running around and they're not meant to you can look for a teacher.