Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Simon Holiday Highlight

In my holiday on Monday my mum looked after me and my brother . It was the start of my holiday.

I went to the Easter egg hunt, it was fun. I got a bucket it was 5$ the bucket was for the Easter eggs and the treats. It had patterns on it. We played games like throw the ball and tug a war it was amazing . My dad came with us in the Easter maze we were looking for the Easter bunny.                           

After a good sleep my mum said “do you want to go to Jump” and we said “yes!”. We made a booking for 5 o'clock so we waited. finally it was 5:00 my aunt came with us. When we got there we sat down and then everyone ran me and my brother went to the free trampoline it was amazing.

When we got home we had another good sleep. When I woke up my dad called he said “I will pick you and Michael up at 5:00” we said”OK” we were excited. It was 5:00 My dad came he said we're going to the skate park we said cool. When we got into the car my dad said” we're going to rainbows end night rides.

When we got to rainbows end the lines where long it took 1 hour to get in. Finally it was our turn my dad Payed and we got our band the bands were green.  The end

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

How to put a photo on our blog.

With Mr Baxendine and Mrs Jacobsen we have been learning to upload a photo to our drive. Here is a video of Mitchell and his group showing you how to do this.