Thursday, 11 August 2016

Olympics Writing

We need the Olympics so we can see the best of the best competing. The Olympics is special because it only happens every 4 years and the best athletes in their countries come along and compete against each other.The runners in the olympics have speed cameras all around them to see their speed. Swimmers do laps up and down there near by pool every day. Runners do high knees and sprints nearly every day.

When the athletes train they have a lot of speed cameras around them so it tells them how fast they're going. Now days the athletes will wear tight clothes so the aerodynamics can flow.When an athlete  wins gold they cry and think to themselves how long it took them and also all their hard work payed off

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Simon Extension writing

Getting ready, starting blocks,nerves, Hopeful,tempting, Zooming, dashed, paparazzi

It was the Olympics final and the best of the best athletes were racing. They stretched before having the biggest race of their lives. The crowd was cheering super loud hoping that their country our friend wins . “Take your marks” the racers stayed calm while putting there feet on the starting blocks.

“Get set” the athletes hearts were pumping and they were hoping that they win the race. “Boom the gun went off” and the racers dashed down the race track. The crowed was going wild
Once the athletes reached  the middle of the race track Usain bolt made a comeback he boasted right in front of everyone and won the race. Yohan Blake came 2nd and Usain came first.

It was a really good match but Usain Bolt just won with Yohan Blake coming in 2nd. Usain Bolt broke a world record during that race. A lot of paparazzi were taking photos of Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake as well. Usain Bolt did his poses while he was receiving his gold medal.      

Wednesday, 3 August 2016