Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Simon's Writing

On Monday the 7th of September we had our school cross country. We were getting ready for this event so we lined up in our class lines. We were all changed and ready to go. We started to walk to the pt England fields at 1:00. We sat down in our year lines. I was in the year 5 boys line. After 5 Min we all talked about never giving up and the rules.

The year 5 boys and the year 5 girls went and sat in front of the year 1&2 class rooms to get a better view. The year 1 boys walked up to the starting line I could tell they were scared. Mr Burt said GO they all sprinted so fast even I could not believe it. All the cheering  started to kick in it was so loud I was cheering for anyone because none of my friends our family where in that race. they hit the first corner they were still running fast.

We saw them running to the finish line only 5 more steeps until they're finished and 1st place was I kid I don't know they went up to the water stand to get some water. I was feeling so nervous after that race. So the racing carried on. It was the year 4 boys now they were walking up the the starting line everyone was cheering Mr Burt said Go they quickly took off and ran as fast as they could.

They hit the first corner and off they go that's when I was feeling so nervous they were running for a long time.  A teacher came to take us to the starting line I was so nervous.  The year 4 boys finished and now it was our turn me and Noah were standing together at the start. Mr Burt said go my nerves ran away.

I was trying my hardest we turned and there was a pile of mud I almost slipped and that's what slowed me down. We hit the first corner and Noah's brother was standing there dancing and telling us to go this way. I could taste blood in my mouth it was yuck. We were running on the pt England reserve I felt like dieing I was running with Ajani it was a little fun. We ran to the pt England gate and I saw Noah way way way in front of me.  

I ran to the finish line and I made it I was happy I went and got some water and the races carried on. I was walking back and I could not feel my feet. It hurt bad.! I sat down with My friends and we were talking about the race and the place we came. The year 7 boys were about to start their race I was cheering for my brother Michael. Mr Burt said Go they quickly took off fast. The sad thing about that race is that they have to do 2 laps.

They quickly ran past the students and hit the first corner. they all steeped in the pile of mud and almost slipped.!  We were waiting for them to come back. We were talking about random stuff. They all finished the first lap and now they're on there second. While we were talking first place ran up to the finish line and won. Sorry guys but that's all that I can tell you to day goodbye!.



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