Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My best birthday

So we walked to the car we were going home. When  we got home my Nana said it looks amazing my mum went to the shops to get the cups it was pirate cups and it looked awesome. It was night so I opened some gifts they were so cool after I went and waked my pinyata and all the My best birthday was when I was 5 years old. My birthday was a pirate birthday it was so fun. My Mum and dad and brother was there and my Nana.

I did a lot of things we went shopping for stuff I got toys and a cake the cake was chocolate. We got something to eat we had bk it was really nice. Me and my mum and my dad we went in a chocolate shop.

My dad he went to the bank to get some money out so me and my brother sat down and was playing with the pencil. My mum said if I want a pirate hat  and I said Yes my went and got me a hat. my dad candy came out it was nice.

It was time for the cake it looked so nice it was chocolate my favorite flavor. We sang happy birthday to me and then I blew out my candles and that was the end of my birthday.   


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