Monday, 4 December 2017

Simon's Addition Pyramid

Simon's Rugby League World cup

This week our task was to answer questions about the rugby league world cup.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

NMSK Game Show task

Last term our year 7&8 extension group  got a task to make a project out of makey makey equipment. We had a choice out of a gameshow, Make your own instruments, and game for the disabled. My group chose gameshow because we thought it will be easy.

In my group we had Noah, Mitchell, Kyron and Me Simon. First my group planned what our game show will look like and what it would be called. We came up with the name NMSK game show because it has the first letters of our names in it.

The next week my group started making our game show with the makey makey equipment. First we had to sign into scratch and make it make buzzing noises. After that we connected wires to the play doh and connected the other side to the computer. We created some questions for our game show. We finished just on time for testing.

Me and my group found this task hard because there was too much mess.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Niuean Language Week

Niuean Language Week. Today we celebrated the people from the beautiful island of Niue. At assembly this morning we had the awesome Niuean group perform a traditional dance for the school.  They were all dressed up in there costumes. First the speakers came to the front and they where Lomio, TJ , Trinity , Juliana, Rosalina, and Judah. Also the Niuean girls did a dance and the boys went to the back and got ready to do there haka. When the girls finished there performance they sat down then the boys moved to the front and did there haka. It blew everyone of there seats. After that they did a bow and walked off the stage and sat back down. it was awesome.