Monday, 26 November 2018

Simon 3 elements of art

Lady Pink
3 elements:  
Line: Lines and curves are that span a distance between two points or the path of a moving point. As an of art line is the use of outlines, and implied lines during artwork and. A line has a width, direction, and length
lines can be used in various ways.

Shape: Shape is an element of art that is two-dimensional, 3 dimensional, flat, or limited to height and width. Lady pink uses alot of different

Colour: colour is meant to make your artwork stand out and make it look beautiful  

Friday, 16 November 2018

Ratio and proportions

This week in maths we were learning about ratio and proportions.
We had to answer 7 questions and here are my results. 

Have you seen Francis Brandywine?

 This week we had to read a story about a girl named francis Brandywine.
 After we had to create a missing person statement.
Here is my statement.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Samoan art

This term we have been learning about art. this photo is some of the patterns used in the malu tattoo the malu tattoo is a Samoan tattoo witch goes on your legs. The malu tattoo is a tattoo that covers your legs.

Simon Practise Problems

WALT - Explain the steps we took to solve each problem. Enjoy

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Simon - Satire writing

1. I think that gas prices in New Zealand are ridiculous, the gas prices are soon to be 3.00.

To the government
I love seeing those gas prices rising every time I drive past in the car. When I was young I used to fill the car up with $20 and get 10 to 11 liters but now its better $20 will get you 7 to 8 letters. Isn't  it great spending all your money on gas man I can't wait to grow up and buy gas with those gas prices maybe it will be higher. Sometimes it will be good to lower the gas prices but who wants to, I think that the gas prices are great.

In my opinion I think it’s great to increase gas prices that means that families that don't have that much money will struggle. Gas is something that everyone needs, but increasing the prices is just going to make everything better. Isn't it great seeing people struggle when buying gas I just say well done and good job. Don't you think working at a gas station is the best job? No never not like they get heaps of money from people buying gas.