Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Giant fell of a bean stalk.

Giant fell of a bean stalk.

Tuesday 26 may

There was a boy called jack he was poor so his mum sent him out to sell their cow at 1:00 on Sunday. A person came and said that cow looks nice I will by it but I have no money. But he said “I have these beans do you want them” Jack said” no” but he said “they are special beans” jack said I will take it.

When Jack got home his mum was angry so she threw the beans out the window. The next day Jack went outside he saw a beanstalk it was big.!! He wondered what was at the top so he started to climb. While he was climbing some vines feel so he was lucky. Finally Jack got to the top he had a look around he saw gold and a duck that laid golden eggs.

He took the duck and the gold and he looked around for some other stuff. He walked through a door  he looked at the ground and there was a giant sleeping he ran away and the giant woke up The giant said “you come here” but Jack kept running he went down the beanstalk but the giant fell and made a whole in the ground. But Jack had gold and a gold duck so they are not poor any more.   Screenshot 2015-05-27 at 10.29.34.png  



  1. Hey Simon its Noah, great writing for Jack and the beanstalk. just need a bit more information. see you later by.
    by Noah

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    1. hey simon your jack and the beanstalk is cool because of your photo by.

  3. simon your photo is cool because jack that comes down an cuts the beanstalk down