Friday, 16 September 2016

Maths Problem Solving

Walt: find a fraction of a number

Simon Pavlovas padlet

The boy who learnt to fly

In the beginning of the story Usain bolt a kid living in jamaica with his mum was late to school. He jumped out of his house and sprinted to school. He sat on his chair ready to learn. Ring ring ring the bell went and usain bolt forgot his lunch. He sat down miserable with no lunch. A teacher saw Usain bolt and made a deal with him. The deal was to race a 14 year old and if Usain bolt wins he wins the teachers lunch. Usain bolt was nervous ready set go Usain bolt was losing but once he saw the teachers lunch he boasted right past him and won the race.

Usain Bolt ran home and that's when his journey starts. He ran in the junior competition finals and came first by miles! He grew up and made it into the high school champs and won by miles like his first race. He made it to the Olympics but he had second thoughts. His mum walked into the changing room and told Usain “you can do it my son” so Usain Bolt walked out of the changing room and got ready to run his mum was standing in the crowed with jamaican flags and everything on her.

Usain Bolt remembered how fast he was when he was little and also how fast he is now. “On your marks get set BOOM” all the racers dashed down the track. Usain Bolt was coming in last but once he saw his mum in the crowed he gassed everyone in that race he won and that is the story of the boy who learnt to fly.