Sunday, 10 January 2016

My Christmas

I woke up and snuck into my living room. I had a little peek under our tree to see what we were getting for Christmas. It was really big so I crept back down my hallway and jumped back into bed, i could not sleep! I heard my brother wake up, so i jumped back out of bed and woke my mum and dad up with a big “Merry Christmas” and a kiss & a big hug.  My mum got up but my dad could see the living room from his side of the bed, so he stayed in bed. My mum said “open your gifts” so I quickly opened it and it was a Casio keyboard. I said “thank you mum and dad” I opened it and went hard trying to play any tune i could think of.  I loved it.

My mum showed me a lot of songs that were really easy, so I gave them a go. I watched my brother open his gift, he got a guitar. I went and asked my dad if I could have some game time, he said yes, so I quickly pulled out my Xbox one. My favourite game at the moment is Nba 2k15.  It's a really cool game, because you can dunk and shoot from far away.  My favourite player is Michael Jordan, he has MEAN skills. I set my game up and played, I was really  happy. We waited for the game to load so I played the demo. My Nana and pa came over with my aunty.  My Aunty Adah gave me perfume and my Nana and pa gave me $100.

I went to my cousin Julius and Eli’s house to drop their presents off and to say Merry Christmas. Me and Michael got a guitar hero for Xbox one from our Aunty Lizzys family.  I was so surprised and happy at the same time. I got my cousin Julius a pair of shoes and got my cousin Eli a t shirt.  They loved our gifts. we said our goodbyes and headed back to my house.  My cousin John was there waiting for us.  We had a delicious Family bbq with my Nana, Pa & Aunty Adah.  The food was delicious, I especially liked the corn & the trifle.  We also have a Tongan watermelon drink called Otai, that was one of my favourites too.  I was so full! Thanks for reading my story, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well.