Friday, 14 September 2018

Little red ridding hood ( Real story )

Little Red Riding hood (the real story)
Once upon a time in a ordinary neighborhood there lived a girl named little Red. She likes to skip around and deliver milk to peoples houses. But one day her mother told her to deliver some milk to her grandmother. Little red got her school bag and walked out side. The day was fine there wasn't one single cloud in the sky. She smiled and started skipping.
Little red skipped through the city, up the mountains and rowed through the river. All little red had to do was go through the scary dark forest. She stopped her skipping and started to walk slowly through the forest. She looked left and right and started walking. The Forest was known for huge wild dark scary bear.

Little red walked slowly through the forest. She heard a loud scary loar. Little red started to run but the bear was right behind her. Ohh no the bear caught her and swallowed her without chewing. Luckily a hunter was near and heard the loud roar as well. He ran to the bear and shot it right in the stomach. Little red came sliding out of the stomach with slither all over her. Her milk was nicely left next to the tree but she gave the milk to the man who saved her life.

Monday, 3 September 2018

Pourqui Tales

Many years ago on a cold windy night the first witch to ever be seen was in her castle stirling the green yuck green witch spell to make her look beautiful again. She was a pail white color. With a boring life. She spent all day and all night working on that disgusting spell. All the witch had to do was put the final ingredients into the bright green spell. But wait she forgot the last ingredients! The last ingredients was witch powder and human feet.    

As the witch went down stairs she knocked over a vase witch cracked and spilt all over the ground. After she cleaned up the mess she went on looking for the human feet and witch powder. She could not find it so she checked up stairs. “Oh there it is”
She reached over and grabbed it and took it back to the spell.

As she walked over to the spell there was a piece of the vase still on the ground. She tripped and cracked the witch spell all over the ground. She also lost one of the human feet. But she was really wanting to use the spell so she just scooped up some witch powder and the one human feet and through it in. But ohh no from a pail white color to a green yuck color that cant come off forever.