Thursday, 26 May 2016

Will he save her

Superman is the character for this story. He fights crime and helps people all around the world. This story is set in Lost Angeles  america. Super man was going for a walk when suddenly he saw 2 a cars crash the person that crashed was dead but the other person was alive  . He Flew down quickly and took the lady he flew away with the lady in his arms. Super man took the lady back to land the lady said “THANK YOU”  with so much expression superman said” no worries”.

Super man went to his girlfriend's house Lois but she wasn't there! Superman saw a note it said “ iv got her I'm the joker come to the biggest building in town HA HA HA”. Superman flew as fast as he could to get to the building.

Super man reached the building he saw Lois and the joker on top of the building Lois was tied up Superman flew on top of the building the Joker said “ I've been waiting for this moment”. The joker pushed Lois of the building. Superman punched the Joker in the face and jumped of the building Lois was screaming “ HELP HELP HELP “. Superman flew down fast  to save her Lois was about to hit the ground when superman scoped her up. Lois said “ THANK YOU “.     

Friday, 20 May 2016

The Fab Four

My superhero is called future boy Roy he lives in the city of america. He is smart and intelligent. He is really strong he has he has abs on top of abs and he is good looking. He got burnt in a fire at the age of 16 He got the power to tell the future after the burning  he goes around and saves people in the city. He has thick black hair and a cape and he wears goggles.

One day Future boy Roy saved a two men from dying in a car crash he predicted that two cars will crash. The two cars crashed and future boy Roy ran as fast as he could to save them he quickly took them out and saved their lives.

If Future boy Roy was hear right now he will save more people and protect more lives.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Archibald Baxter

WALT find evidence and clues from the text  to create a description

Archibald Baxter was a conscientious objector he refused to go to war. Archibald Baxter was a hard working man he left school at the age of 12 years old. He worked on a farm and every day he will milk cows  and shoot rabbits. The first world war started in 1914. Archibald Baxter had the courage to say no in front of the whole town he suffered pain and torture. He got tied up to a pole in the cold cold snow his whole body was numb. Archibald Baxter was put in the front line of war bullets were flying past him he was really strong he handle the pain. War finished and they came back home. Archibald Baxter was born in 1881 and he died in 1970. He was a strong man.
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Friday, 6 May 2016

Maths Problem solving Week 1

Walt: find a fraction of a number 

Simon harry's war

Week 1 Reading Task

Text: Harry’s War by Mark Derby (School Journal L3 June 2014)

Using the text, create a short letter from Harry to Ted. In this letter, Harry is going to tell Ted that the war is over.

Think about:
  • How Harry feels at this moment in time.
  • How Harry believes the other soldiers feel at this moment in time.
  • What Harry misses the most about home.
  • What Harry is least looking forward to on the trip home.

Dear Ted,

I am really stressed out and tired. I have been training and shooting guns and it is really hard. All the soldiers are feeling scared and worried and even I am feeling scared. I miss my farm and my warm bed and all the animals. I am looking forward to coming home because I will be able to see my family.

From Harry

Simon padlet

Simon Immersion Assembly

It was the first day of the term and everyone was dying to see what their team is doing for this term.  The hall was a bit chilly, I sat down with my class and waited to see what the topic for the term was.  Our topic for this term is “As I see it” and our team, Team 4 is learning about Comic Books.  Mr Somerville was called Team Leader America and he was dressed in blue with a shield.  Mr Goodwin was called Bat Guy and dressed in all black.  Miss Lavakula dressed as Wonder Woman, but her name was Wondering Woman and Mr Baxendine was a little teddy bear called Bear Baxendine and he steals netbooks, so he was a baddy.  They all looked Awesome!  Comics have an old history going back as far as 1827, the man who created the first comic was called, Rudolphe Topffer.  WOW!  I had no idea that comics were around for that long, how interesting.  

Team One had a Sound of music theme because their topic is Favourite Things.  That’s a cool topic, but not as cool as comics though.  Mrs George did a quiz and handed chocolates to the students who got the answers right.  The teachers had no costumes which was a bit boring.

Team Twos theme was Seasons of the year.  They had a movie showing all the different seasons which was pretty cool, but the teachers had no costumes and were just sitting down watching the movie with the rest of the school, which is another reason Team Four, my team, are still the BEST!

Team Threes theme was Grand Designs.  The main judge was Mr Blakey and Miss King and Mrs Squires were the builders and the rest of the teachers were the contestants, very cool, but not as cool as Comics.

Team Fives theme was about the Four Wakas which are our house groups for school.  The teachers were dressed as wakas and had a race on the stage, which Mrs Garden won and Mrs Tele’a came second.  Awesome effort, but still not as awesome as Team Fours comic theme.