Thursday, 10 December 2015


Hi my name is Simon Latu Taylor. I am in Room 9 & 10 at Pt England School. I am Half Tongan and quarter Fijian. My teacher is Mr Baxendine. I am 10 years old. I am applying for the Pt England School Ambassadors 2016. I would love to be an Ambassador because I am a really good speaker. I can be kind to visitors and have a Positive Attitude. My favourite subject is Reading because it helps me learn new words i don’t know. I am really good at remembering words to tell in front of other people. Learn: One thing i have learned this year was learning about animals adapting to survive in other places for our topic PES Survivors. Create: One thing i have created this year was to make a rocket made out of wood at  Maker Space with Mr Barks. Share: I have shared lots of my learning to other people using my Google Drive. I hope you enjoy reading this application. But if you do not accept me as a ambassador well thank you for reading this application. By Simon

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