Friday, 26 February 2016

Dutty Theatre

One day I ran to my awesome classroom because I heard that there was a Duffy play this afternoon. I lined up with my class and got ready to watch the amazing play. We walked over to the hall and sat down in our lines. The people that were doing the play were just introducing himself . They got started. First we sang the Duffy song. Duffy Was going back in time to save a lady's dad. Duffy will on all his lights and travel back in time Duffy pushed the lady's dad and saved him and that is the end of the Duffy theatre.

Advice column

Friday, 19 February 2016

Simon Writing a narrative

Long time ago when cameras were made there was this Giant called Joe. He had a brother called Taylor. Taylor was really lazy he would do nothing but watch TV.  Joe is learning karate he is a brown belt and he is just about to earn his black belt. Joe and his brother Taylor Live under Mount Wellington In a cave. Joe’s greatest fear will be dogs he won't get over that time when he got chased by a dog!  

One day Taylor was eating potato chips and Joe was jumping on his trampoline.  Joe was waiting for his karate master. Joe said” Finally he's here”. He opened the door  and said “hello” and the  karate master said back” hello”.  He walked around their  cave  complimenting it. He said “let's get started”. He was practising  his kick move. When he did his best kick he kicked the roof of his cave. They ran outside screaming all the people away when Joe found a big mountain. He named it mount Wellington.

They moved out to another cave. they found a flat surface they dug a huge hole under ground and that was there  new  home. They went under mount Wellington and moved a there stuff. It took a long time to get to there new cave but it was worth it.

and they lived safely in their new cave.