Monday, 7 August 2017

Simon's speech

Should all schools use pencil and paper. I think yes because schools that use computers for learning get distracted easily on their devices. And another fact is because when we get to college a lot of kids hand writing will be bad because they are so use to their computer or tablet. Kids spelling will be bad as well because there is spell check on devices.

Some people when they have their computer at school they hide in a corner with their friends and go on the wrong stuff. But when you have pencil and paper what's the point of hiding in the corner. That's why people should use pencil and paper.

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  1. Hi Simon It's me Lehi as you can see i just want to say that i really like you speech mostly the one key point the kids can go on bad stuff when they hide in the corner but not with a pencil and paper because whats the piont right ow well By