Thursday, 25 June 2015

My story

My story is about a lamb who opens a locked box. One day there was a lamb who went to a party at night. He saw a golden box but he could not open it so he got some help.  His other lamb friends got a hammer and started to smash it. The lamb got his nails and poked it. It blew up and a lot of gold came out. He was rich.

When he got the gold he had a good look at it and it was fake. The real box was in the corner. He ran to it. It had a padlock on it so they could not get it open. His friends got their nails and tried to pick lock the box but they could not. the lamb got a chainsaw and cut the box but it did not work. They all went to sleep. The box opened 10:00 at night while they were sleeping. It shined so bright that they all woke up.

The lamb walked up to the box and looked inside but it quickly closed. He started to hit it but it never opened. So he and his friends went back to sleep. In the morning they got up and  got changed and did everything else. They did every thing so they tried to open the box again. they all pulled on the box but it could not open.

they all jumped on it and everyone looked at it and it was shining at them it was so cool said the lamb. And there was a lot of gold in there. THE END


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