Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Diet coke experiment

This week our teachers took us to our bottom field to do a experiment with dry ice and a coke bottle.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Maths Problem Solving

Walt: find a fraction of a number

Simon Pavlovas padlet

The boy who learnt to fly

In the beginning of the story Usain bolt a kid living in jamaica with his mum was late to school. He jumped out of his house and sprinted to school. He sat on his chair ready to learn. Ring ring ring the bell went and usain bolt forgot his lunch. He sat down miserable with no lunch. A teacher saw Usain bolt and made a deal with him. The deal was to race a 14 year old and if Usain bolt wins he wins the teachers lunch. Usain bolt was nervous ready set go Usain bolt was losing but once he saw the teachers lunch he boasted right past him and won the race.

Usain Bolt ran home and that's when his journey starts. He ran in the junior competition finals and came first by miles! He grew up and made it into the high school champs and won by miles like his first race. He made it to the Olympics but he had second thoughts. His mum walked into the changing room and told Usain “you can do it my son” so Usain Bolt walked out of the changing room and got ready to run his mum was standing in the crowed with jamaican flags and everything on her.

Usain Bolt remembered how fast he was when he was little and also how fast he is now. “On your marks get set BOOM” all the racers dashed down the track. Usain Bolt was coming in last but once he saw his mum in the crowed he gassed everyone in that race he won and that is the story of the boy who learnt to fly.   

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Olympics Writing

We need the Olympics so we can see the best of the best competing. The Olympics is special because it only happens every 4 years and the best athletes in their countries come along and compete against each other.The runners in the olympics have speed cameras all around them to see their speed. Swimmers do laps up and down there near by pool every day. Runners do high knees and sprints nearly every day.

When the athletes train they have a lot of speed cameras around them so it tells them how fast they're going. Now days the athletes will wear tight clothes so the aerodynamics can flow.When an athlete  wins gold they cry and think to themselves how long it took them and also all their hard work payed off

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Simon Extension writing

Getting ready, starting blocks,nerves, Hopeful,tempting, Zooming, dashed, paparazzi

It was the Olympics final and the best of the best athletes were racing. They stretched before having the biggest race of their lives. The crowd was cheering super loud hoping that their country our friend wins . “Take your marks” the racers stayed calm while putting there feet on the starting blocks.

“Get set” the athletes hearts were pumping and they were hoping that they win the race. “Boom the gun went off” and the racers dashed down the race track. The crowed was going wild
Once the athletes reached  the middle of the race track Usain bolt made a comeback he boasted right in front of everyone and won the race. Yohan Blake came 2nd and Usain came first.

It was a really good match but Usain Bolt just won with Yohan Blake coming in 2nd. Usain Bolt broke a world record during that race. A lot of paparazzi were taking photos of Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake as well. Usain Bolt did his poses while he was receiving his gold medal.      

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Problem Solving

Walt: subtract decimal numbersWalt: solve word problems with decimals

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Simon's Warrior

This is my Tongan warrior his name is Saimone. He joined the Tongan army when he was 16 years old. This picture is going to be put in our art exhibition in Pt England school's hall. So come along and see all our other cool picture's. By Simon LT

Friday, 24 June 2016

Captain Sullenberger

Captain Sullenberger the plane captain. He was  working for the air force for a couple of years before he became an american pilot. In January 15th 2009 Captain Sullenberger flew a plane from New york to North Carolina. Zoom the plane took of and it glided like a bird.

In the middle of the trip Captain Sullenberger recognised a group of birds flying around the plane. But sadly two birds flew into the motor of the plane. Captain Sullenberger warned all the passengers he said “ This is your captain speaking our plane is going to land in a river so hold on tite.  
The passengers stayed calm and held on tight. Captain Sullenberger must of felt really scared, if he messed this up  he would of killed 145 passengers. Luckily the plane did not land on the nose or the wings of the plane. The plane landed safe and sound on the Harriet river.   

Friday, 10 June 2016

The fab four

Simon avengers writing

Battles,shooting and crime. Hulk was kicking and punching the wall like it was nothing  he was training for the avengers. Hulk turned back to a human and walked out of the door he saw that the whole city was empty. A man zoom down the street you could see terror in his eyes. Hulk ran up to the man and said “are you in pain” the man replied “NO i'm scared” Hulk said “who are you scared of” The robot apocalypse!  Hulk told the man to run and don't look back. Hulk turned into a Big green monster and got his avenges friends.

Hulk,Wasp,Thor,Iron man,Captain america,Beast and spider man. Hulk and the avengers went into the revolting city to fight the robots. They split up and went to find them. Wasp shouted they're here! The avengers came speeding down.

Hulk punched a robot like he was punching the wall. BANG POW! The avengers were beating up the robots the robots had no chance against the avengers. The leader of the robots had a chainsaw arm! The avengers beat up all the robots and planed to rush the leader. They charged up to the leader and punched him Thor through his mighty hammer at him and Hulk bumped him off the leader went flying and that was the last time the avengers saw the robots.



Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Teacher Lesson week 1

WALT: understand fractions

This week we did fractions like 3/3 and 1/4. Today I learnt that 3/3 = a whole because

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Will he save her

Superman is the character for this story. He fights crime and helps people all around the world. This story is set in Lost Angeles  america. Super man was going for a walk when suddenly he saw 2 a cars crash the person that crashed was dead but the other person was alive  . He Flew down quickly and took the lady he flew away with the lady in his arms. Super man took the lady back to land the lady said “THANK YOU”  with so much expression superman said” no worries”.

Super man went to his girlfriend's house Lois but she wasn't there! Superman saw a note it said “ iv got her I'm the joker come to the biggest building in town HA HA HA”. Superman flew as fast as he could to get to the building.

Super man reached the building he saw Lois and the joker on top of the building Lois was tied up Superman flew on top of the building the Joker said “ I've been waiting for this moment”. The joker pushed Lois of the building. Superman punched the Joker in the face and jumped of the building Lois was screaming “ HELP HELP HELP “. Superman flew down fast  to save her Lois was about to hit the ground when superman scoped her up. Lois said “ THANK YOU “.     

Friday, 20 May 2016

The Fab Four

My superhero is called future boy Roy he lives in the city of america. He is smart and intelligent. He is really strong he has he has abs on top of abs and he is good looking. He got burnt in a fire at the age of 16 He got the power to tell the future after the burning  he goes around and saves people in the city. He has thick black hair and a cape and he wears goggles.

One day Future boy Roy saved a two men from dying in a car crash he predicted that two cars will crash. The two cars crashed and future boy Roy ran as fast as he could to save them he quickly took them out and saved their lives.

If Future boy Roy was hear right now he will save more people and protect more lives.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Archibald Baxter

WALT find evidence and clues from the text  to create a description

Archibald Baxter was a conscientious objector he refused to go to war. Archibald Baxter was a hard working man he left school at the age of 12 years old. He worked on a farm and every day he will milk cows  and shoot rabbits. The first world war started in 1914. Archibald Baxter had the courage to say no in front of the whole town he suffered pain and torture. He got tied up to a pole in the cold cold snow his whole body was numb. Archibald Baxter was put in the front line of war bullets were flying past him he was really strong he handle the pain. War finished and they came back home. Archibald Baxter was born in 1881 and he died in 1970. He was a strong man.
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Friday, 6 May 2016

Maths Problem solving Week 1

Walt: find a fraction of a number 

Simon harry's war

Week 1 Reading Task

Text: Harry’s War by Mark Derby (School Journal L3 June 2014)

Using the text, create a short letter from Harry to Ted. In this letter, Harry is going to tell Ted that the war is over.

Think about:
  • How Harry feels at this moment in time.
  • How Harry believes the other soldiers feel at this moment in time.
  • What Harry misses the most about home.
  • What Harry is least looking forward to on the trip home.

Dear Ted,

I am really stressed out and tired. I have been training and shooting guns and it is really hard. All the soldiers are feeling scared and worried and even I am feeling scared. I miss my farm and my warm bed and all the animals. I am looking forward to coming home because I will be able to see my family.

From Harry

Simon padlet

Simon Immersion Assembly

It was the first day of the term and everyone was dying to see what their team is doing for this term.  The hall was a bit chilly, I sat down with my class and waited to see what the topic for the term was.  Our topic for this term is “As I see it” and our team, Team 4 is learning about Comic Books.  Mr Somerville was called Team Leader America and he was dressed in blue with a shield.  Mr Goodwin was called Bat Guy and dressed in all black.  Miss Lavakula dressed as Wonder Woman, but her name was Wondering Woman and Mr Baxendine was a little teddy bear called Bear Baxendine and he steals netbooks, so he was a baddy.  They all looked Awesome!  Comics have an old history going back as far as 1827, the man who created the first comic was called, Rudolphe Topffer.  WOW!  I had no idea that comics were around for that long, how interesting.  

Team One had a Sound of music theme because their topic is Favourite Things.  That’s a cool topic, but not as cool as comics though.  Mrs George did a quiz and handed chocolates to the students who got the answers right.  The teachers had no costumes which was a bit boring.

Team Twos theme was Seasons of the year.  They had a movie showing all the different seasons which was pretty cool, but the teachers had no costumes and were just sitting down watching the movie with the rest of the school, which is another reason Team Four, my team, are still the BEST!

Team Threes theme was Grand Designs.  The main judge was Mr Blakey and Miss King and Mrs Squires were the builders and the rest of the teachers were the contestants, very cool, but not as cool as Comics.

Team Fives theme was about the Four Wakas which are our house groups for school.  The teachers were dressed as wakas and had a race on the stage, which Mrs Garden won and Mrs Tele’a came second.  Awesome effort, but still not as awesome as Team Fours comic theme.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Pavlova re writing padlet

                           WALT: transfer information from one context to another..Created with Padlet

My Reading group

WALT: follow instructions, and complete tasks to a high standard. 

Monday, 4 April 2016

Year 5 & 6 camp

Walt: write an interesting recount

Something's I like about camp was Me being a leader. I really liked cooking, top town, and swimming. I liked doing our dance for the conset because it was fun  

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Week 6 Maths

Walt: solve problems by using x2, x5, x10 multiplication facts and adding or taking more (compensating).

Where am I at

Walt: demonstrate our knowledge so far of addition and subtraction 

This week we have learnt to add and subtraction numbers. And to demonstrate our knowledge.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Volcanoes of the world

WALT: We had to create a Google maps showing people 15 or more Volcanoes in New Zealand or around the World. We had to create this because this term team 4 are learning about Volcanoes. We created this on Google maps and we used pins to pin all the Volcanoes all around the world.

Our new Learning is volcanoes. You can learn when some volcanoes last erupted or were some volcanoes are in this world. I enjoyed pining all the volcanoes around the world and looking for volcanoes around the world as well. The end

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Maths Problem solving

WALT: use multiplication facts we know to solve larger multiplication problems by rounding and compensating.
This is some Awesome ways you can work out time tables.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Dutty Theatre

One day I ran to my awesome classroom because I heard that there was a Duffy play this afternoon. I lined up with my class and got ready to watch the amazing play. We walked over to the hall and sat down in our lines. The people that were doing the play were just introducing himself . They got started. First we sang the Duffy song. Duffy Was going back in time to save a lady's dad. Duffy will on all his lights and travel back in time Duffy pushed the lady's dad and saved him and that is the end of the Duffy theatre.

Advice column

Friday, 19 February 2016

Simon Writing a narrative

Long time ago when cameras were made there was this Giant called Joe. He had a brother called Taylor. Taylor was really lazy he would do nothing but watch TV.  Joe is learning karate he is a brown belt and he is just about to earn his black belt. Joe and his brother Taylor Live under Mount Wellington In a cave. Joe’s greatest fear will be dogs he won't get over that time when he got chased by a dog!  

One day Taylor was eating potato chips and Joe was jumping on his trampoline.  Joe was waiting for his karate master. Joe said” Finally he's here”. He opened the door  and said “hello” and the  karate master said back” hello”.  He walked around their  cave  complimenting it. He said “let's get started”. He was practising  his kick move. When he did his best kick he kicked the roof of his cave. They ran outside screaming all the people away when Joe found a big mountain. He named it mount Wellington.

They moved out to another cave. they found a flat surface they dug a huge hole under ground and that was there  new  home. They went under mount Wellington and moved a there stuff. It took a long time to get to there new cave but it was worth it.

and they lived safely in their new cave.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

My Christmas

I woke up and snuck into my living room. I had a little peek under our tree to see what we were getting for Christmas. It was really big so I crept back down my hallway and jumped back into bed, i could not sleep! I heard my brother wake up, so i jumped back out of bed and woke my mum and dad up with a big “Merry Christmas” and a kiss & a big hug.  My mum got up but my dad could see the living room from his side of the bed, so he stayed in bed. My mum said “open your gifts” so I quickly opened it and it was a Casio keyboard. I said “thank you mum and dad” I opened it and went hard trying to play any tune i could think of.  I loved it.

My mum showed me a lot of songs that were really easy, so I gave them a go. I watched my brother open his gift, he got a guitar. I went and asked my dad if I could have some game time, he said yes, so I quickly pulled out my Xbox one. My favourite game at the moment is Nba 2k15.  It's a really cool game, because you can dunk and shoot from far away.  My favourite player is Michael Jordan, he has MEAN skills. I set my game up and played, I was really  happy. We waited for the game to load so I played the demo. My Nana and pa came over with my aunty.  My Aunty Adah gave me perfume and my Nana and pa gave me $100.

I went to my cousin Julius and Eli’s house to drop their presents off and to say Merry Christmas. Me and Michael got a guitar hero for Xbox one from our Aunty Lizzys family.  I was so surprised and happy at the same time. I got my cousin Julius a pair of shoes and got my cousin Eli a t shirt.  They loved our gifts. we said our goodbyes and headed back to my house.  My cousin John was there waiting for us.  We had a delicious Family bbq with my Nana, Pa & Aunty Adah.  The food was delicious, I especially liked the corn & the trifle.  We also have a Tongan watermelon drink called Otai, that was one of my favourites too.  I was so full! Thanks for reading my story, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well.