Wednesday, 17 June 2015

My space man.

One day there was a space man he saw a portal so he jumped in he was flying around he did not know where he was so he swam. He swam for 2 hours until he saw another portal. Finally he saw a portal so he jumped in it took him to another world.

He woke up in jail but he did not know why he was in jail. He got put in his cage he had new clothes on it was black and white. He had a bed and a toilet. After 5 nights he had 3 friends he wanted to escape with his friends.

They were planning to get out but they did not know how. The astronaut had weapons so they all had guns. after the 6th night they escaped.

They ran away and jumped in the portal only the space man survived because he had oxygen but his friends died because they did not have oxygen.  

                                              THE END Simon


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