Wednesday, 1 July 2015

My game animation.

Do you want a new game? It is called Simon 11. It is so cool you should get. It is  $100 this week. Buy it NOW and get a second game free!!!

Simon 11 is about a boy who lost his family so went looking for the people who killed his family. My other game is called Cart Cart Ride. It is so fun.  

Simon 11 is fun because there are people who are trying to kill you. You can punch and kick them. Simon has a knife in his pocket. If people come he will kill them to get points. When he jumps there are flames that come out his back.

When he can sees his family he runs to them and gives them a big huge and goes home safely. He puts his weapons in a glass box to keep them safe. On the next level it is difficult to complete because there is a big person that has a knife he throws it at you.

My second game is fun because there is a person called Rain. He likes driving but not all the time. He tried to break the world record but now it is up to you to break it!!

These games were all designed by Simon L.T. I hope you enjoy playing.

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