Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Simon Athletics day

On Friday the 13th we had athletics. I woke up and jumped out of my bed and put my yellow t - shirt on. Me and my brother walked out the door with our faces happy. When we got to school I ran inside the classroom and saw our teacher Mr bax all covered in yellow!. He cut little strips of yellow paper I quickly took it. I tied it around my head and put tape on my cheeks. I took of my school t shirt and put it in my bag. I had my yellow t shirt on. I ran around the classroom looking for my friends and  people with the best  t shirts.

I went with my other teacher Ms M. We lined up at the door and went to the court. We all sat down on the burning court and listened to Mr Burt on the microphone. He was talking about being safe and having fun we started the fun. We walked down to the bottom field to start our first activity. We did relays!. I was leader for my team so I had to run twice!. Ms M said GO. I quickly sprinted to the cone in front of me I gave the pole to the next person. I was tired. They gave the pole to me again I ran and gave it to the person at my cone I gave it and sat down. The person that was in front of me must of felt scared. After all of that we walked over to the shot put stand we lined up. I was 4th. after that it was my turn I threw the shot put and came 1st!. My friend Javan beat me so I was 2nd I was feeling scared and worried that someone will beat me so I will have to go down to third and someone will beat me again and I will be out. I had my fingers crossed and hoping that no one will beat me. but no one did
I was so happy and surprised because I'm only little and I beat big guys
After that we went high jump. Oh I was prepared I stood at the right cone I was 2nd. I was nervous at start but not at the end.

It was my turn I sprinted fast and jumped as high as I could I closed my eyes I did not see anything. I turned my head and looked at the pole It was still up I heard people cheering and people saying my name. I went and stood at the front cone I was smiling and  because I have made it into the second round. I watched a lot of people failing and a lot of people making it over. It was the left leg people a lot made it over. We had our turns again I failed but it was alright.

Yellow Is the best because we win every year and we are all fast. so going yellow.  


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