Thursday, 5 November 2015

Egg race

Have you ever had an egg friend because on Wednesday the 21st of October 2015 our teacher Mr bax gave us a raw slimy egg to have as a friend. We saw our teacher’s egg it looked funny our teacher’s egg was called Jeff. He told us to be very careful with our eggs.

Mr bax gave out the eggs and the vivid. We had to wait. I got my egg so I had to wait for the vivid. While I was talking to Noah My friend John Turned around and hit me and I dropped my egg on the carpet everyone looked and they were shocked. We went and told Mr bax. Mr bax got some rags and we cleaned the mat. I got another egg. I made a beard and some eyes on mine.

We all finished drawing faces on our egg friends we ran outside and lined up in the line. We did not know what we were doing until our teacher took us to the park. He told us to sit on the plank of wood. We sat down and got nervios. Mr bax said we're having an egg race We all said no. Because we wanted to keep our egg friend.

The people who wanted to race had to get a spoon and Go!. We just sat down and watched the race. The people had to go over 4 things before going to the finish line. My friend kaden came first his egg did not drop. It was time for the next group. Me and Noah lined up together Mr bax said go all I could hear was cheering and eggs cracking. I went over the first thing and I was on my way to my second. I reached the second and stood over it. the the 3 one was a little hard Because I had to jump I jumped but my egg did not break. I made it to the end with my egg still alive.  


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