Thursday, 18 June 2015

Space man.

One day there was a spaceman in space. He saw a portal so he quickly jumped into the portal. He was flying around and he did not know where he was so he started to swim. He swam for 2 hours until he saw another portal. Finally he saw another portal so again he jumped in it and it took him to another world.

He woke up in jail but he did not know why he was in jail. He got put in his old cage. he had new clothes on it smelt very bad. It was black and white. He had a small bed and a old toilet. After 5 nights he made 3 friends there names were jack Noah and Ajani. They wanted to escape.

They were planning to get out but they did not know how. The astronaut had weapons on his back so he gave them one each.Noah got a knife and pick locked the cage door. Ajani said where out. after the door opened they got guns it looked very cool.

They quickly ran down the main hallway there were guards everywhere so they started to run and kill people. Finally they got outside they ran on the cold sand at night. They were freezing. They saw a tank in front of them so they tried to run around it.

They ran around it fast they had to go under shap stuff to get to the other side. Noah went first Ajani went second and the space man went third. The space man got poked but Noah and Ajani were gone. the space man laid on the ground screaming for help but no one came. He stood up bleeding. He started to run. He started to get speed he ran so fast you could only see his shadow. He saw a portal on the hill.

He ran into the woods he fell over and cut his leg bad he got back up and started to run again. He saw someone so he ran to him. He said “hello what's your name.” Then he said “mitchell I said do you want to come with me.” He said “yes.” So we escaped.
he saw the portal and he jumped in it took him back he was floating. He jumped in his space ship with the best story.      

                                              THE END Simon



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