Tuesday, 24 March 2015


On a hot sunny day I jumped out of bed and went and got changed. I got my stuff ready. I went into the car and waited for my mum and my brother. when I got to school all I could see was year 5 and 6s. the camp was at  pt England and the camp was for the year 5 and 6s. I was so excited.!!!

First we sat under the marki and got into our lines. I was in the best group.  
My camp buddy was Lehi. we had a cool as tent we had a front spot. It
looked so amazing.

Our first game was table tennis roller blades and other cool stuff. We were playing basket ball I did not get any baskets. IT WAS SO HARD. The net was blue and white and the ball was blue to.
We went under the marki and had morning tea me and my friends sat in a circle eating. After me and Noah went and played hand ball. We were playing  and all we could hear was the bell everyone was running to the marki to wait for their next game. Everyone was excited.

our next game was killer zone we went and sat down because mr J had to expand the rules. He said get a container filled with water balloons .!!
We had 30 minutes to go and get them filled with water. Some popped inside of the container. First we threw the water balloons at people. and that was the end of my story by.!!!
Screenshot 2015-03-19 at 10.06.56.png