Thursday, 26 May 2016

Will he save her

Superman is the character for this story. He fights crime and helps people all around the world. This story is set in Lost Angeles  america. Super man was going for a walk when suddenly he saw 2 a cars crash the person that crashed was dead but the other person was alive  . He Flew down quickly and took the lady he flew away with the lady in his arms. Super man took the lady back to land the lady said “THANK YOU”  with so much expression superman said” no worries”.

Super man went to his girlfriend's house Lois but she wasn't there! Superman saw a note it said “ iv got her I'm the joker come to the biggest building in town HA HA HA”. Superman flew as fast as he could to get to the building.

Super man reached the building he saw Lois and the joker on top of the building Lois was tied up Superman flew on top of the building the Joker said “ I've been waiting for this moment”. The joker pushed Lois of the building. Superman punched the Joker in the face and jumped of the building Lois was screaming “ HELP HELP HELP “. Superman flew down fast  to save her Lois was about to hit the ground when superman scoped her up. Lois said “ THANK YOU “.     

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