Friday, 24 June 2016

Captain Sullenberger

Captain Sullenberger the plane captain. He was  working for the air force for a couple of years before he became an american pilot. In January 15th 2009 Captain Sullenberger flew a plane from New york to North Carolina. Zoom the plane took of and it glided like a bird.

In the middle of the trip Captain Sullenberger recognised a group of birds flying around the plane. But sadly two birds flew into the motor of the plane. Captain Sullenberger warned all the passengers he said “ This is your captain speaking our plane is going to land in a river so hold on tite.  
The passengers stayed calm and held on tight. Captain Sullenberger must of felt really scared, if he messed this up  he would of killed 145 passengers. Luckily the plane did not land on the nose or the wings of the plane. The plane landed safe and sound on the Harriet river.   

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