Friday, 10 June 2016

Simon avengers writing

Battles,shooting and crime. Hulk was kicking and punching the wall like it was nothing  he was training for the avengers. Hulk turned back to a human and walked out of the door he saw that the whole city was empty. A man zoom down the street you could see terror in his eyes. Hulk ran up to the man and said “are you in pain” the man replied “NO i'm scared” Hulk said “who are you scared of” The robot apocalypse!  Hulk told the man to run and don't look back. Hulk turned into a Big green monster and got his avenges friends.

Hulk,Wasp,Thor,Iron man,Captain america,Beast and spider man. Hulk and the avengers went into the revolting city to fight the robots. They split up and went to find them. Wasp shouted they're here! The avengers came speeding down.

Hulk punched a robot like he was punching the wall. BANG POW! The avengers were beating up the robots the robots had no chance against the avengers. The leader of the robots had a chainsaw arm! The avengers beat up all the robots and planed to rush the leader. They charged up to the leader and punched him Thor through his mighty hammer at him and Hulk bumped him off the leader went flying and that was the last time the avengers saw the robots.



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  1. Great writing Simon, it;s very interesting,love your work.
    From Noah