Thursday, 8 May 2014

Simon's holiday Recount

In the  holidays I went to rainbow end with my mum brother and my aunty and my cousin. When we were in the car we were counting all the cars. When we got there I saw the new ride it was BIG and it looked scary.

The first ride we went on was the pirate ship it goes up and  down it was giving me a feeling in my stomach. When we went on the Rollercoaster we went over lops and it was scary. I went on a ride called gold rush you have to go in a cart only 4 people can go in one cart it is amazing because you see zombies and ghost inside a cave then you go outside and you go up a ramp it is scary because it feels like your cart will stop and go back down and smash through the wall.

After we sat down and talked about what ride we should go on next.We said bump a cars I went with my aunty and we were trying to get my brother and my cousin I got both of them it was fun. After we went home it was amazing.


  1. Oh what an AWESOME day we had. I remember that funny feeling in my tummy too. Super holiday writing Simon, I'm pretty sure you could have told a whole lot more stories about your holidays if you had all the time in the world. Great job Honey, keep up the SUPER COOL WRITING.

    Xx Mum =)

  2. nice work i like the way that you made your darwing and keep it up