Thursday, 5 February 2015

My Holiday

In my holiday I went to the movies with my mum and dad and michael. We got popcorn and drinks my mum said to me and my brother you need to  
share a popcorn  I said yes. After the movie we got diner it was so nice.!! Me and my brother michael we went and played at the park. we made friends and we played tag.

When we got home I watched tv with my mum my mum said to me and my brother you have to go to bed. so we went to bed I had a really fun day. The next day we were going on a picnic I went and got changed. we packed food and drinks I told my brother if he was swimming he said yes.

When we got there I jumped into the cold water I was so cold. There was something in the water that you can jump off. so me and my brother jumped of my brother made a big splash. I did a dive my brother said it was cool. So he did a dive and I think it was better than mine.

my dad said he was going to swim. He jumped in he swam to me and michael but he said i'm not going to jump off. so he was just waiting on the side. well me and michael had a great time.

when we got home it was raining and it felt like a shower. It felt good.!!!!

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