Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The Warriors rugby game

One of the highlights of my holiday was the Warriors rugby league game at Mt Smart Stadium. As the lady scans my ticket I full up with excitement. The Warriors were versing the Penrith Panthers. We sit down watching the under 21’s rugby game when I see a delicious ice cream getting handed to me from my brother Michael. We sit down to the sight of laughter and enjoyment until we see a video pop up on the big screen. It caught our attention very quickly, it was archives of Manu Vatuvei. Sadly it was Manu Vatuvei last game. The thing I thought was ridiculous was Manu’s contract. “It says he cannot play his final game due to the club”. We watched on to him walking onto the field and the sight of black Warrior jerseys standing up and clapping to him walking onto the field with his family. He sits down with his former team mates with tears running down his face. Him, his family and the crowd were entertained by the warriors performance. The Warriors were doing so good but after half time it’s like they went to sleep. And Sadly they lost in the final minutes. The final score was 22 and 34 to Penrith. At the end of the rugby game the Warriors did a haka to Manu and they gave him his former Warriors Jersey back. The End


  1. Hi Simon,
    Great to see you blogging in the holidays! Sad to hear, that it was Manu Vatuvei's last game! He was a legend. Did he do well? What was the score. Looking forward to seeing more of your blog posts. Keep posting! Keep up the great work!

    From your friend,


  2. Kia ora Simon,

    It is awesome to see you blogging this holiday! I'm sorry to read that the Warriors lost the game in the final minutes of play. I'd read a lot about the game in the news, given that it was Manu Vatuvei's last game with the club. I seem to remember reading in the New Zealand Herald newspaper that Manu did not actually play in the game. Am I right?

    I hope that you will continue to tell us more about your adventures over the holiday. We love reading your blog posts!

    Rachel :)